Saturday, August 22, 2015

Woa... It's been a while since I've posted a 5 favorites. Have you been holding your breath?

*I just wanted to say one thing about this: No matter if you're gay or straight, realizing ANY truth, acknowledging it, and proclaiming it, is one of the biggest challenges life will ever give you. Whether you affirm it early in life, or later, just know that you're living life as spectacularly as it's meant to be... being a brave and incredible person. 

So, let the haters hate. Let the lovers love. and know that who you are is perfect.

We Day

When I think about todays' children it gives me so much hope... I mean that whole heartedly.

I know that in a world dominated by Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat it's easy to dismiss the power that todays' children have, but you know... there's a lot of them doing incredible things. These little unsung heroes do so much for the world and We Day is a day meant to celebrate and inspire the future doers of the world.

You're probably wondering what We Day is because...well... honestly... I had no idea what it was until today... the day that happens to be We Day, but no matter. We Day is everyday for a lot of young people. We Day is a celebration of young empowered individuals seeing a need and meeting those needs on both a local and global level.

We Schools is a year round educational program encouraging, nurturing and providing tools to young people to go out and make a difference. Through a unique curriculum, and the creation of action plans, We Schools are building tomorrows leaders by teaching them the importance of Social Good.

The world, while perilous, is such a beautiful place, it makes me so happy to hear there are organizations cultivating youngsters to make it better.

Happy Birthday, Noel!

Monday, August 10, 2015
Oh Noel, you complete the trio in every sense of the way.  I get so emotional thinking about you... thinking about you growing up. It makes me count my blessings having the privilege of being your big sister. 

I hope I taught you enough. I hope I get to teach you for the rest of my life... it's the least I could do for everything you've taught me. 

My beloved little brother... the sound of your laugh is one of the greatest things my memories could ever hold. 

I hope you're always able to recognize how important you are to the world. 

Happy 15th Birthday, Noel. I love you more than time would even permit to express.


Friday, July 31, 2015
It always makes me happy to hear big corporations making an effort to give back. Working for one myself I know what it means to "make charitable donations." 

Trust me, I understand the implications. 

One company making admirable strides in giving back is that of AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile supports over a million charitable 501(c)(3) companies by donating .5% of your purchase to an organization of your choosing. While that may sound a bit nominal Amazon itself generates over 34 billion in sales every year. Imagine if everyone who made a purchase used AmazonSmile? That's 17 million dollars in donations! Lets not hold our breath for that but it just goes to show that little changes make big differences.

Using AmazonSmile is as simple as typing in From there AmazonSmile will ask if you'd like to choose one of their 5 featured organizations, a search bar can be found right underneath for other charitable organizations. 

It's so easy I'm going to "make a charitable donation" right now. 


AmazonSmile website & my AmazonSmile charity choice.

Beyoncé- I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

iPhone Thoughts: Telling Someone you Love them

Friday, July 24, 2015
*Random thoughts written on the comfort of my iPhone, late at night

When I love someone I have zero apprehension in telling them. I just tell them. I know it's complicated. I know there's a lot to lose, but who cares.

Life can be shitty. Love can be shitty. But you know what makes life even worse then it could possibly be? Lost opportunities.

I understand that it's hard, and it might even sound desperate, and God forbid it makes you feel vulnerable.

But you know, telling someone you love them may actually sound very genuine. And it may sound nice. and it may actually be exactly what they need... what you need, too.

Because loving and being loved is what life is about. Those feelings, even if they generate into nothing, even if that person responds with a "Thanks for your love, but no thank you." It's this reminder that you're human. And that you're feeling something that not all humans are privileged to feel everyday.

So go ahead. Tell them you love them. Tell them whenever you want to. Feel free to say it so much you redefine the meaning.
It's okay.

Because one day, when life is all lived up, you won't be able to say it. and they won't be able to hear it. So don't miss that chance.

Go on.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015